B.Sc Agriculture

Fee Structure

DURATION 4 Years (8 Semesters)
EXAM FEE 1,500/- Per Sem

B.Sc in Agriculture is an undergraduate degree offering a broad agricultural science foundation. Graduates with a B.Sc in Agriculture can work in various roles related to crop production, soil management, pest control, farm management, agricultural marketing, agricultural extension services, and agricultural finance. They can find employment opportunities in government departments, agricultural cooperatives, agribusiness companies, research institutions, and NGOs. With the increasing emphasis on sustainable agriculture, organic farming, and precision farming techniques, B.Sc Agriculture graduates have good prospects in contributing to the agricultural sector’s development and addressing global food challenges.

The prospects for B.Sc in Agriculture graduates are bright. As the world focuses on sustainable agriculture and efficient food production, there is a significant demand for skilled agricultural professionals. B.Sc Agriculture graduates can work in diverse fields such as crop production, farm management, agribusiness, agricultural extension services, and agricultural research

B.Sc Agri (Bachelor of Science in Agriculture): B.Sc Agri is an undergraduate program that provides a foundational understanding of agriculture and related sciences.B.sc agriculture college in Bhopal equips students with knowledge in areas like crop cultivation, animal husbandry, and agricultural technology. Graduates can work in various roles within the agriculture industry or pursue higher studies in the field.