M.Sc Agriculture

Fee Structure

DURATION 2 Years (4 Semesters)
EXAM FEE 1,500/- Per Sem

M.Sc in Agriculture is a postgraduate degree that provides in-depth knowledge and specialisation in various aspects of agriculture. Graduates with an M.Sc in Agriculture can pursue careers in agricultural research, development, consultancy, teaching, and management. They can work in government agricultural departments, research organisations, agricultural universities, agrochemical companies, seed companies, food processing industries, and international agricultural organisations. With the growing demand for sustainable farming practices, crop improvement, and food security, there are excellent prospects for M.Sc Agriculture graduates to contribute to advancements in agriculture and play a vital role in ensuring global food production.

The prospects for M.Sc Agriculture graduates are promising. With the increasing global population and the need for sustainable food production, there is a growing demand for skilled agricultural professionals. M.Sc Agriculture graduates can contribute to research and development in crop improvement, precision agriculture, sustainable farming practices, and agricultural technology. They can also work towards addressing climate change, food security, and environmental sustainability challenges.

M.Sc Agri (Master of Science in Agriculture): M.Sc Agri is a postgraduate program offered by M.sc course college in Bhopal that focuses on advanced agricultural concepts and practices. It covers areas such as crop science, soil management, and agricultural economics. Graduates from Shubham University, one of the best agriculture college in Bhopal often pursue careers in agriculture, agribusiness, research, or government agencies related to agriculture and rural development.